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I am Nadia...

Chief Administrative Secretary | Mental Health Ambassador | Female & Youth Empowerment Champion | Author | Cultural Diplomat | Youth Peace & Security Champion

Nadia Abdalla is the youngest Fmr. Deputy Minister ( CAS ) who was in charge of ICT, Innovations & Youth Affairs in Kenya. She is a Global Communication specialist with an industrious and resourceful knack for results and quality outputs for Governments, Private institutions and Non-profits across Africa and beyond. She has more than two years’ experience in government & policy around teenage girls, young women and youth in across the board.

Nadia is also a program expert with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills that help governments, private institutions and non-profits to build on their presence and growth impact in their Respective industries.

Nadia is also a Global Inspirational speaker who has graced international spaces with audiences from vast backgrounds. She is known for her vast experience in Millennial and GenZ Leadership Talks, her soft skills quality approach, her Transformational Programs and her Mental Health Advocacy.

In whatever you do, Be Your Own Vibe!

Nadia Abdalla

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