Most people don't know this but Mentorship is an important element when it comes to ones growth in their career and also in their life. And being fortunate to experience multiple industries and being a policy maker and advocate, I believe it is in my place to open my arms to mentor those who are willing and able to be mentored. 

So far I have a handful of mentees and I have decided to open my reach and empower more young women so that they are able to voice out when needed, be represented when needed and help them better their livelihood.

Interested in being my Mentee? Drop me an email and let's talk:

Email: swahiligirlleads@gmail.com


Life can be pretty hard and confusing and sometimes what we need is a coach who can not only help us with accountability but also be there for us to understand the fundamentals of BEING YOUR OWN VIBE.

So that's what I do, I am that Coach, that friend, and that person that helps you with understanding self through the different methods that have worked for myself.

So what are you waiting for, email me and let's talk...

Email: swahiligirlleads@gmail.com