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Self-care is very necessary my #FierceTribe it's a way of life and with all the hustle and bustle happening around us, we tend to forget to put ourselves as first priority. Guess what i am here to just fuel you up and remind you that Self Care is necessary and i am here to share with you 6 ways in which you can practice it.

Step One:

Make Prayer your number one priority! It doesn't matter what religion you belong to or what what higher power you believe in. Make pray a habit to practice every day, because prayer takes care of you as a whole and gives you positive energy that flows through your body and makes you feel, like you are ready to conquer what is within and live through your purpose.

Step Two:

De-clutter your space whether it is at home or in your office get into the habit of creating space and air to flow through. You may not notice the effects of a messy space, but clutter and excess can indirectly cause stress, anxiety and depression. While cleaning up your space seems like simple housework, de-cluttering can have a really positive impact on your life as it gives a sense of letting go excess “stuff” as though a weight is lifted from your life. It also helps you to focus better as a clean space means allowing you to have more ability to focus and concentrate.

Step Three:

Avoid spending too much time on social media, this is the most healthiest boundary you can set for yourself in order to get a piece of mind but to also redirect your attention on things that are more important.Unfortunately many of us are mildly addicted to social media these days, social media can feel like an anxiety-fueled space, and it’s up to yourself to restrict any negativity seeping into your personal space.Therefore, limit your time spent there, focus on your goals and remind yourself that there is life beyond what social media hype.

Step Four:

Keep track of your accomplishments that is the only way you shall stay grounded and true to your cause. It is actually very important to recognise your accomplishment by the end of the day, there’s nothing more satisfying than looking at all the tasks you’ve completed and feeling content about it. it allows you a mental breather and also gives you a sense of ownership and positive feeling.

Step Five:

Dance your way into the day or your way out of your day, it's needed and please don't tell me you don't know how to dance! Just move your body and feel the rhythm flow.

Step Six:

Focus on your body routine and do a face mask! Whenever you’re stressed, your skin tends to flare up because your body kicks into an automatic fight-or-flight response that wreaks havoc on the skin.Your skincare routine should be a therapeutic process which you and your skin enjoy, and taking the time to focus on it reaps the benefits for your mind, body and beauty.


Speak Soon.


Nadia Naddy.


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