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This is a frequent question I ask myself from time to time just to keep myself in check and be true to myself and what I do. I mean I have numerous interactions with young people and sometimes it does surprise me how a handful or even more have no idea what they stand for infact they never have these candid moments with themselves to just keep them in check and really just push themselves to do more than what the grapevine spits out. But I do know you are quiet confused right now, wonder why is it so important for us as young people to know what we stand for? I mean these aren't questions we are asked or values we are instilled with as we grow up. But why does the word change or challenge exists? In my personal opinion I think it exists to challenge us and prompt us to do better, do different and just do, thereafter we can analyse and see what the outcome may be.

So back to what you stand for as a young person, how do you discover or know what you stand for when you really haven't even thought about it? Here's a question to throw at you, have you ever been in a position where you see something and you get so angry at how that thing or the situation is and you just wish someone could just tell you to do something about it? or have you ever been in a forum and there is a discussion going on, and you are relating so well with that discussion that you have that burning desire to just be called and given a chance to speak out and be heard? Well that right there is part of a sign of what you stand for! We stand for things that give us strong urges to be part of, to voice out and to just keep pushing up until something is done about it or up until as an individual you come up with a solution that can be part of it.

I mean I am just here trying to encourage young people to have a different outlook when it comes to life, involvement in issues that affect them and just questioning our intentions when we want to create impact and change. At the end of it all, it goes down to your willingness to take that leap of faith and doing what you believe is right and impactful to you. And guess what, sometimes what you really stand for will require you to stand alone and to just do what you feel is right. Shut out the unnecessary noise and be about it, without having to worry to what extent it requires you to go.

We are always told being young or being youthful is a phase and that one day It shall fade away and what would remain are the memories that keep you a float with so many,'how I wish I did more.' But I really don't conform with this ideology! while yes being young and youthful is but an age structure, I believe that what you start during that age is nothing mare than a foundation that you put up for what lies ahead and needs to be accomplished. Therefore, don't rush do what you need to do knowing very well that what you believe and stand for is sustainable and achievable even after you surpass the age of 35.

Take time, find your interest, find your niche and be about it! Make your passion your lifestyle and do it to your best of your ability. Success just doesn't happen in a fortnight and it also doesn't happen by chance, success happens when hard work, preparedness and honesty meet at the right place at the right time. So don't give up on yourself because you are more than what you see and can be more than what you believe you can do.

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