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As much as we'd like to overpower the intrusive thoughts that come along after having underwent any sort of trauma, it is impossible to always stay positive because after all there is always a high and low at every point in life.

All it takes is one thought, one trigger word, one repressed memory clawing its way up from the grave and your day can spiral through a twisted cycle of everything you try so hard to fight. It's clear that some things will definitely take a lot of time and support to fully heal, and the best thing would be to seek actionable ways you can promote your own recovery, and I think the most vital step is deprogramming your brain from its survival mode setting.

Instead of giving in to the negative thoughts and like an anchor, allowing them to drag you to the depths of your sorrow and anguish, take an active role in reclaiming your recovery by making your mind have a new train of thought.

Don't bury your triggers. Instead allow them to be felt but not to take control. Prioritize positivity.

This can be done through acts of kindness to others. Feel a panic attack coming? Message someone tell them how you feel, deal with it in a way you both know how as you have a connection.

The entire healing process works best with a support system, so lean on someone and take control of your situation.

Written byTreasa Mbeka

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