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It's a New Day, a New Moment and a New Chance to do something and be something different from what society always expects. Have you ever sat down and asked yourself, 'Why is it so hard to Claim The You!' What I mean is, we work so hard to try build legacies, clock in time and just live the life that we were convinced we had to live; then following a set outline just to feel fulfilled and justified if I should say so myself.

But there is a different type of Claiming The You! It is the Mental Note of Claiming You, it's the acceptance of knowing that it is not everyday that you will be on that full 100% mode and would keep going. It is the mental note of accepting it is okay not to be okay and pushing on. So what am I truly trying to say? I am trying to echo some sentiments that are meant to echo these words... 'MENTAL HEALTH MATTER! And for you to claim yourself fully and accept yourself with your conditions and flaws without trying to suppress them and then hide away.

So what are the first steps we need to take?

- First and foremost we need to accept ourselves for who we are, no matter our background, our skin colour or even our body type.

- Needing to accept that we all have to check in with ourselves and keep tabs on our emotions, both the good and the bad.

- We need to understand talent and also hard work that we carry amongst ourselves and understanding that, to each there own and we should be comfortable with that

- Feed our minds with positive affirmations even when we feel like the odds are not in our favour

- Just Claiming the You and not being apologetic about it, it really be like that sometimes YOU KNOW!

Having conscious mental notes really do help shape the way our minds operate and how well we would be inclined to our emotional intelligence. I don't really know how much most of you reading this know about emotional intelligence and why it is so important for us to invest in it as a mechanism to help us cope with our Mental Health.

In my own words Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be able to categorically react to different scenarios and things in ones life without being blinded the emotions and reacting impulsively. Though the dictionary definition of emotional intelligence is; ' Emotional intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ) is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.'

So here's something to throw in your way, how many of you are able to manage your emotions positively even when the odds are against you? or how many are able to speak freely and admit that something is really and truly hard for them and are at the verge of giving up? Or how many are able to acknowledge that there are more than one voices lingering in their heads yet are afraid to share this information? I am pretty sure many actually, hence why we really need to invest a lot in boosting up our emotional intelligence by learning about it and then incorporating it in our day to day life. Reason being, one cannot claim the YOU without really knowing who they are and what makes them tick and go hard each time they have a chance.

So as a generation we need to categorically be conscious of our Mind and how much we feed it, in order to reach that point in which one doesn't even flitch when they are challenged to speak about who they are and claim there position in the community and society at large. Therefore, we need to really practice what we preach, we constantly talk about, 'It is okay not to be okay,'and 'Mental Health Matters!' but it always ends up being a chant or the next best thing that is trending. So what I am truly saying is that we place a Mental Note on Mental Health and it doesn't start from anywhere else but by Claiming The You from within and making that mental decision that you would first work on you before working on the society.

Mental Health needs to be championed but only after we have assessed ourselves, faced our childhood/adult traumas and we are willing to claim our darkest and most scariest part that we constant leave behind. Only then will we have a strong foundation on Mental Health & Mental Wellness and be able to push the awareness further so that we can create and recreate sustainable solutions.

So from todays hence forth, as you go by your business always remind yourself to work on your emotional intelligence, Claim the You and have a Mental Note that you are you with your good and bad times.




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