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Hello Fierce Tribe,

Nadia Naddy here! Welcome to my World!

I don't know if you all know but i started back when in 2010 as a blog, i didn't really have a niche per say. I did have a laptop, the internet and my hands to type whatever was going on in my head.

So here we are in 2019, i have birthed a lot of other passions and talents but i found myself back to blog as well. I believe when you know where your roots exactly started you are able to track them down and go back there to find solace. And as i am typing this, i am very happy because Blogging makes me happy ( up until you experience a writers block then things go haywire). Anyway i just wanted to welcome you all to my Blog and my Website in general.

FINALLY i have a place where i can put all my work together at once! and i can also have conversations with you all about different things.

So lets see today is technically Wednesday! the next time i shall make an entry will be on Friday alright! However, in the meantime enjoy my website and see you soon.

Oh remember this i am a whole vibe and what i want to do is share the vibe with you all so that we shall be awesome, tap into our gifts and live to our fullest potential!


Speak Soon.


Nadia Naddy.


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