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I usually tell people sometimes struggling isn't such a bad thing because it forces you to think beyond your limitations to get out of what you don't like. Now can you believe it, we are still in January and honestly I see people struggling to get their mojo back. Struggling to get in line with what they want for themselves this year and struggling with their personal purpose.

I still see people being too hard on themselves because of their struggle and all I want to do is to shout at the top of my voice and tell them, 'Its is really okay to struggle...embrace it because there is something beautiful that is on it's way to you!'

But hey I am not here to lecture you, I am here to just help you through this 'struggle!' Through my own personal experience I discovered many ways to ease my struggle as I get back into my grove for the year and so I want to share these tips with you so that we can all have an awesome flow as we stay awesome in our spaces.

  1. Wake up every morning with intention : This helps you rewire your mind to always have intention and prompt both mind and physical movement as you start your day, week or even month.

  2. Journal at the end of every day : The beauty about this is you don't actually need a physical journal, technology has been so awesome to us that you have vast options to use from your phone. Journaling helps debunk the happenings of the day and helps you set pace on how the next day would be without struggle. *P.S You don't necessarily need to be a journaling expert, just do it sometimes what we aren't accustomed to helps us a lot!

  3. Take walks at least 3 times a day : It doesn't matter weather you prefer these walks in the weekday or weekends, just take those walks! They help with blood circulation, inhaling of fresh air and just prompting your mind to relax and unwind. Walking also helps you release happy hormones, and happy hormones equates to happy human.

  4. Spend Less Time In front of the TV and more time Reading : I struggle with this a lot as well because I am movie and series junkie but breaking habits is kinda what we aim to do. So reading helps you channel your creative mind ( whether you are a creative or not) and it helps you digest information that can challenge you or even give you ideas on how to be better at your craft or in your industry.

  5. Have ME time : Sometimes being around people a lot tend to exhaust you and keeps you struggling to get back your energy. So having a few hours or a full day by yourself and in your zone rebuilds back your energy and make you feel rejuvenated. So take that chance, buy yourself the coffee or get that movie ticket and enjoy your company doing what you love or challenge yourself to do something different.

As you can see what I gave you all doesn't require a rocket scientist to understand or do all those things. All it requires is for you to be bold enough to try and do it and shake off the struggle that has snuggled up your system. And remember to have fun while doing it, in-fact speaking from experience it has prompted me to be more productive, more active and energetic.


Nadia Abdalla.


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