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If there is one thing a Girl needs to be allowed to do, it is to Dream & Dream big because dreaming is for free and for that more of us need to encourage them to do so. And I know sometimes our dreams scare us because we think they are too big, unachievable or even bizarre. And this could be influenced by many factors such as where we come from, how we look, who we associate ourselves with or even to what extent can we be allowed to go too.

But I realised there isn't really a formula or even a hint of helping us harness those dreams, because life is too short, time waits for no man and we live in a world where anything is possible if you just believe in it.

So #NdotoHalisi is a Swahili phrase that I came up with which means, your dreams are valid and this particular message is intended to reach Girl Child out there who is either Marginalised, or far reaching or even any Girl Child who consistently doubts herself.

Now where do I start, the #NdotoHalisi Journey started off last year, this was at a time where I was going about my #KenyaNiMimi journey to empower the youths and help them realise their potential to participate and be represented and this as you may know has been in partnership with UNFPA Kenya. From our engagement I realised that there was potential in starting a semi campaign under #KenyaNiMimi to allow Girls have their own voice and allow them to know and see the potential in dreaming. Being a Girl child myself and in a position like the one I am in, it is more important to be part of the campaigns forefront to help girls see to what extent a dream can go if only natured and grown.

Now before we set through to launch the #NdotoHalisi Campaign, we made a few interactions and engagements in different regions with Girls from different backgrounds. We engaged with young girls from Lamu through an event called, 'A Girl Like Me.' We then headed to Mombasa where I had a few Radio conversation during the,'16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence.' We then visited a Rescue Centre/ Safe House in Kilifi, held a local Baraza with Girls and youth and discussed matters to do with SGBV, Participation and Representation and towards the end we finally launch #NdotoHalisi Campaign which was accompanied by the launch of my book, 'Of Dreams & Whatever.'

It was really fulfilling to see how most of the girls who came from Marginalized communities very excited and willing to interact and be part of the change that they seek. Our interactions with them were more of helping them understand that potential is infinite one has to believe in who they are without seeking approval from anyone, because dreaming is for free but consistency and discipline need to be put into place.

You reading this, always remember to believe in yourself and your abilities because opportunities are never given to you. You just have to go out there and take them but also be ready to have sleepless nights because success doesn't come in a fortnight, it takes courage and commitment.






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