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In a world where she (CAS Nadia Abdalla ) was not recognised as a member of the elite she forced to fit it. Against everything that was telling her that she never belonged to that world she thrived to be accepted by the same world that treated her like a nobody. Little did she know she was a Queen trying to reason with peasants. And when her time to rise came she rose and reclaimed her throne. As the Crown fitted perfectly on her head she continued to empower African Young Girls to reclaim their respective Thrones because she believes every Young Girl is worth everything - Hindu Hussein, Empowered Girl Child.

I have always had the urge to publish a book using words that not only came from my heart, but words that were also crafted from the experience I have had before becoming the young lady I am today. Growing up I used to always idolise narratives that wouldn't resonate with where I came from but there was a way in which these narratives were brought out that constantly made me question when I would see our own narratives written by people who looked like me.

So once I got into office I felt empowered enough to continue writing my book and build a different narrative from what we are used to and write something that would speak directly to people similar to myself and others on the continent. Can you just imagine that, a young African Girl seeing how possible it is to be an author and using the stories that are real and relevant to be told.

Of Dreams and whatever took me about 4 years to write, I remember how I was constantly deleting and adding information to my book because I was unsure of how much I wanted to say without saying much. The journey towards writing my book is interesting as well, because my book was initially journal entries that I had vowed to keep to myself as a way of letting out what was in my heart. But after a certain amount of time I was like these are entries I needed young girls to read because it is important to normalise certain conversations and making it a habit for us all to speak out openly.

As a young African girl, reading this book has reminded me to chase my dreams fiercely and unapologetically. I love this book not just because I could relate to Nadia's personal stories on so many levels, but also because she speaks so much truth and sense to today's generation. Many young people are wallowing in self-doubt and self pity, not knowing that the world is theirs for the taking. Of Dreams and Whatever emphasises on the need for African youth to rise and take charge of their lives and their Dreams so clearly and profoundly. This is a book I would read again and again - Chebet Biriri, Empowered Girl Child.

Because of my commitment and hard work towards uplifting and empowering the girl child I was fortunate enough to build a campaign that focuses on empowering the Girl Child who are from marginalised communities like myself called #NdotoHalisi in partnership with UNFPA Kenya. This came after our previous work together when we launched a youth campaign called #KenyaNiMimi as Mentioned previously. Now what does this say about hard work, consistency and belief in oneself? It really means that in whatever you do aim to be good at what you do and make sure the rest of the world sees it because you just never know who is watching. I addition to launching the campaign and incorporating the book I was also fortunate enough to get the first 100 copies sponsored in order for the young girls across Kenya are able to receive free copies as a way to advance the Girl Child narrative and empower them all.

My book 'Of Dreams and Whatever 'is a book that echos voices of so many African Girls and Young Women out there. It is time we have healthy conversations and allow one another to be vulnerable to the extent of understanding that we have absolutely no control with what happens to us but we have control of how to react. If you are in a position to be your sisters keeper do that! If you are in a position to empower and mentor someone do that! We need to understand that the only way we shall grow and rebrand the image of the African Girl Child Is by all of us be willing to put in the work together as one. Writing our own books, using our own voices is one way to do it, what are you doing to change your narrative?

This book Of Dreamers & Whatever is essentially a guidebook and great motivator to any young person irrespective of their gender orientation to always keep their eyes on the ball. Written from a leadership practitioner’s perspective and personal experience, this book does not speak to a specific person. It is an easy read to everyone who have faced challenges in one way or another. What the books teaches us is that you do not have to touch the lives of the 50 million people but create a niche for yourself and impact that small group. It is an invaluable guide to young leaders at every level who aspire to contribute to a more peaceful, just, and secure world that respects every diversity of humanity - Sylvanus Wekesa, Empowered Boy Child.

The journey to change the narrative doesn't stop here, this is one of many books I intend to publish in the future. The reading culture needs to come back among our peers and holding onto our narrative is something that we need to keep advocating for because we have the key to a greater and better future for our generation and the generation to come after us.

There are many ways to purchase my book;

  1. You can go to our Publishers, Crevit Mulier & Co’s Goye Publishers. Instagram page - Crevit Muller & Co. ( DM them with your interest to buy the book, they will share with you payment details and other instructions and you can easily purchase from them. Note that they only do deliveries on Thursday, also delivery charges applicable depending on where you reside. )

  2. You can purchase a copy of my book on Amazon using the link below : Amazon

  3. Through our #NdotoHalisi campaign we also give free copies of my book to Community Libraries, Personalities and Individuals who work with the community and different empowerment programs.

In whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability and be the best at it - Nadia Abdalla!

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