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Have you ever been called resilient? Or someone randomly told you to be more intentional? Well I live by these two words and honestly they really do help frame my mindset to see the positive in everything including the challenges that I come across from time to time. For those who really don't know what these words mean, let me make it simple by giving you the meaning:

' Resilience - The capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.'

' Intentionality - The fact of being deliberate or purposive.'

You have to have some ounce of resilience in you because be it as it may be, you will be constantly facing different adversities and if you are unable to bounce back quickly from it or even have a positive outlook towards your situation you will find yourself stuck in a rut. When we constantly say life isn't a straight line, we really do mean it. I mean have you found yourself marching towards an upward trajectory then, 'Boom!' something just hits you and you just feel defeated but also confused by everything. Well that is life and the best remedy is practising resilience, and mind you not everyone has resilience as a quality in them so I really encourage people to learn what exactly it means to be resilient and how to use it as a personality trait to tackle life and decision making.

As you work on your resilience you have to practice intentionality! Being intentional in your actions, in your words, in your choice of environment and everything else that has influence in your life. I discovered that there is so much power with being intentional in your speech, it influences the way you think and how others tend to perceive you or the situation at hand. We talk about how sometimes we get overlooked by people or opportunities miss us or even being unable to maintain relationships be it at work, school, family or even friends. Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe just maybe you experience all this because you are not intentional enough with what is at hand and you come off as someone who just goes where the wind blows.

And don't get me wrong sometimes going with the flow isn't a bad thing but even with that flow you are intentional to be in that place. So if you really look at it, in reality we are really required to be intentional we just tend to let it pass us and we drown ourselves in things that don't flow well with our vibrations. So reflect on yourself abit, try to point out what you would want to be intentional about and practice it. While you do that, incorporate some resilience within you and master the art of showing up as a whole with both resilience and intentionality, see how your mind and focus would shift and you would only attract that of which you are willing to attract. It truly does make a difference.

I am intentional enough to know that my resilience unlocks so many doors I never intended to open and that made such huge difference and impact in my life. What about you?


Nadia Abdalla.


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