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THE 2023 YEAR!

Happy New Year Family!

This is that year that we all knew was coming but silently we wished it took longer to get here or maybe for some and others they are just happy it is here. But if we look at the pace at which this year is going it really makes you wonder, are you really ready for it?

Now let's be honest, this time I didn't see a lot of 'New Year, New Me' neither did I see a lot of 'New Years Resolutions.' does this mean that as a generation we have come to a point where we are just tired of resolutions and rebranding ourselves that we are just accepting things as they come without expectations or disappointments tagging along with us?

Personally, I don't know what to expect or anticipate this new year! I have no plan, no expectations and no excitement and quite frankly this is very new for me. I usually feel so excited to get a new chance at challenging myself and hyping myself to be better than how I was the year before but here I am. I am just going with the flow and hoping for the best out of what I don't even know. But then again, I had some time to reflect, just to understand why I am in this space and also why would a lot of my friends and age mates be in this space as well?

It turns out that a lot of what we are feelings is based on events that happened last year, from heartbreaks to lose of jobs to failed friendships, family fall outs to so much more. So all this accumulated and made all of us realise that, 'We really don't have control of what we aspire or do!'And I know this may not be thaaattt discovery that is mind blowing and shocking but honestly it is something, plus I honestly feel that it is something legit to hold on to and just go with and let life take its course.

Nonetheless, it is a new year, a new chapter and endless possibilities so after all that is said and done. After all that we feel and don't feel, we still have to put ourselves out there and make the most out of what we can and do it to our best of abilities because the one thing we don't want to feel and say to ourselves is, 'Oh I wish I did that!'

So on one side we can just see how everything unravels and work out to the best of its ability, and on the other side we stay optimistic and make the most out of what is in our reach or even beyond.

All in all, I wish your 2023 Year to turn out as awesome and as electrifying as possible! We all deserve some good and some excitement in this journey called life! Keep breaking those biases and staying true to yourself!


Nadia Abdalla.


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